Methods to prevent your gutters from freezing in the winters


Methods to prevent your gutters from freezing in the winters

A functional gutter is a very important part of the exterior waterproofing of your house. It helps to collect the rainwater and snowmelt and directs them away from your home’s foundation.

In the winters, when the temperature drops down a lot, the gutters may get frozen and blocked.

If the gutters are not taken care of, they can be damaged badly and would require expensive roof repair in Greeley.

How to prevent your Gutters from freezing?

There are many ways by which you can prevent the water from freezing which will in turn help you by preventing the expensive repairs and damage.

Contractors for Gutter Installation in Greeley follow these few steps which help them to prevent the gutter from freezing in winter.

  • Clean the gutters

Cleaning the gutter is a tedious job but it is very essential to keep your gutters safe and secure. If the gutters get blocked due to debris then they may freeze in the winters. So you need to make sure that your gutters are free and clear of all the debris so that you can prevent freezing.

  • Install gutter guards

This is undoubtedly the best way to make sure that your gutters and downspouts are not frozen due to the blockages in the winter. The gutter guard does not allow the debris to enter your gutter thus keeping them clean and free from the debris. This process will in turn prevent your gutters from freezing in the winters

  • Use some Magnesium Chloride De-Icer

You should always prevent using rock salt or similar de-icers in your gutter. Any type of salts such as table salt, Epsom salt, and sea salt is corrosive to metals. The magnesium chloride de-icer will prevent the ice from forming.  While using the de-icers, you should be able to keep in mind that some of it may flow away through the downspouts.


We all know that gutters play a major role in our house. So, you must always keep them clean to prevent any bigger issues that may occur in the future or you may have to face a gutter replacement in Greeley.