How does the cost of commercial roofing differ from that of a house’s roof, and what are those differences?


How does the cost of commercial roofing differ from that of a house’s roof, and what are those differences?

Don’t they all serve the same purpose? The truth is that it is not. One can classify roofs as either residential or commercial. How different are residential and business roofs, and what factors determine which one is used? Some of the most notable differences between them are as follows:

Construction methods and materials

Roofing for homes and buildings are two very distinct beasts, structurally speaking. As a rule, a roof of a house will have a very steep pitch. Contrarily, the roofs of commercial buildings are often flat. Moreover, the average commercial roof is far larger than a normal home roof. For this reason, solar panels and rooftop gardens are becoming increasingly common in commercial buildings. To support the heavy machinery typically found atop commercial buildings, commercial roofs are typically constructed using significantly more robust materials than those used on homes. The reason is greater loads are no problem for commercial roofs.


In general, the cost of commercial roofing is more than that of a residential roof since commercial roofing materials are built to last much longer. Commercial roofing costs more because specialized equipment and tools are usually required for installation. Commercial roofing has a higher cost per square foot overall and requires more regular maintenance.


Residential roofing systems are much less complicated to install than their commercial counterparts. Installing a roof on a commercial building calls for a unique set of skills. As a result, business owners should only hire certified roofers to construct and maintain their roofs. Your company could be at risk if you don’t take this precaution. Commercial Roofing in Greeley requires knowledge of construction methods that allow you to work around obstacles like smokestacks, vents, and exterior pipes. The only real challenge while roofing a house is navigating around the chimney.

Advantages of Working with Experts

Trained specialists should only undertake commercial and Residential Roofing in Greeley installation and maintenance. This holds true regardless of whether you need someone to put in place or fix anything. Never attempt roofing installation or repairs without first obtaining the proper training. Experts have spent years perfecting their techniques. And they have every tool imaginable in their arsenal.